UMIO’s MaastrichtMBA welcomes 2017 graduates!

September 29th meant a festive day at UMIO and another special moment for our thirteen MaastrichtMBA students receiving their official MBA degree on the campus of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. For more than two years, they managed to balance work and private life with an inspiring yet demanding learning trajectory. Graduation Day 2017 marked an important milestone in their careers, and in their lives.

We congratulate: Robbert Barèl, Kay Dautzenberg, Carlos Hagenaars, Lilian Kok, Harm de Laat, Ingmar Mingels, Harm Mulder, Nikolaos Oikonomakis, Michela Padovani, Michaela Schütte, Badir Shir, Jesper Thijssen, and Ralph Thissen with their remarkable achievements.

Special congratulations also go to Harm de Laat who managed to graduate Cum Laude and received the MBA Student of the Year Award 2017 as a result thereof.

Click here to view a visual compilation of our MBA Graduation Day 2017