UMIO: expands perspectives of individuals and organisations

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UMIO: that is the flag under which Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) will provide training and development trajectories for professionals from now on. The new brand name was announced on Thursday, October 12th during an event on the SBE campus. Previously, the division was called Postgraduate Development (PGD).

UMIO’s pay-off to the outside world? Expand your perspective – a promise with a wink to the way in which learning trajectories are designed: personal, small-scale, interdisciplinary, co-creative, and using the many connections and expertise of the parties involved.

But what is innovation?

The launch event marks the end of a careful and comprehensive repositioning and rebranding process in which the organisational structure was also redesigned. With the new positioning, UMIO, together with SBE, is ready for a future that – next to BSc and MSc education – is focused on further serving individual professionals and organisations active in regional and global profit and non-profit networks.

The new brand was announced during an event at SBE that was attended by more than 100 people. During the general presentation given by UM President Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, SBE Interim Dean Prof. Dr. Franz Palm, and UMIO Executive Director Prof. Dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes, emphasis was placed on the connecting force that this new brand carries with it as well as the call to create an impact together.

Building bridges

The world is moving at an ever-increasing pace and gets more complex by the minute. For individuals and organisations it gets harder and harder to stay ahead of the game. UMIO helps them manage that challenge without being led by the fear of choosing the road less travelled. Those who keep on doing what they did, will keep on getting what they got.

UMIO provides learning and development trajectories for individual professionals and organisations. UMIO’s customers include employees of both large multinationals as well as smaller regional organisations, often active in executive or management positions. The learning trajectories, which attracted approximately 2700 participants in the last year, vary from short seminars and workshops to complete Executive Masters and advanced tailor-made programmes for organisations. All of these trajectories build bridges between academic expertise and professional practice. Bridges that allow for two-way traffic.

UMIO takes individuals and organisations by the hand and helps them navigate through a complex business landscape (Navigating Complexity). It collaborates with clients and builds sustainable routes for directed action (Futurized Practice). UMIO also embraces networking and stimulates co-creation of new insights (Dynamic Connections). Last but not least, UMIO designs learning environments that challenge professionals to develop themselves and keep being ahead (Personal Growth). The four distinctive qualities of UMIO in a nutshell.

An Italian opera

UMIO is an acronym but does not have a fixed meaning as an abbreviation. With UM it refers to ‘Maastricht University.’ IO can assume a variety of forms and hints, among other things, to the development of the individual and organisation, the use of inside and outside perspectives, and to an international orientation.

UM President Martin Paul underlines the poetic nature of the name and refers to it as almost sounding like an Italian opera. The soft and warm sound invites you to make a connection, which also is one of the first and foremost objectives of UMIO: to connect, co-create, and collaborate in expanding perspectives and helping individuals and organisation to get ahead.