The MaastrichtMBA In Maastricht: A Star Amongst Cities…

You know how it is… Perhaps stuck in a rut at work, you feel you can do more but just don’t know how to mine the wealth of potential greatness that you are sure must be inside you somewhere.

You admit it: you could do with a little extra learning. If you are looking for a learning experience that builds on your current level of expertise and really gets your creative juices flowing, then look no further than the MaastrichtMBA. High-quality, international, personal, interactive, varied and complete – this is how participants of the MaastrichtMBA describe their learning journey.

The MaastrichtMBA Programme

To obtain your MBA, you need to pass eight modules in total and you can take two to four years to do so. Staff and students meet four times per year for a whole week per module: not so often that it feels too much like school, and not so long that people get fed up with each other. Instead, everybody is always eagerly looking forward to meeting again for an intensely creative period. Engaging with open-minded people from different industries, nationalities and cultures, each with their own personal histories, makes for a learning environment that allows talents to truly flourish. The student population is unique in many ways. With 79 professionals representing 26 different nationalities and 68 organisations across the globe, you join a network of talented professionals that really is one-of-a-kind. Despite the efforts required, students and staff alike leave after those weeks loaded with energy, ready to take action. Once home, students are expected to devote time to preparing for, and following up on, the courses dealt with during the education week.

Making Things Personal

As a student of the MaastrichtMBA, you will embark on a unique learning journey that will increase and update your knowledge, augment your capabilities and enhance your skill base. You won’t be alone on this path, though: you will always work in close interaction with professors and a small group of fellow students to essentially create your own learning. All of you will use your own personal and work experiences, and apply what you know to the cases at hand. This is what we call small-scale, interactive, action-oriented and business-encompassing learning. At the end of this journey, you will not only be better equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way, but you will also be able to turn them into opportunities for a better world. In addition, you will have significantly expanded your network of knowledge and peers.

… And of High Quality

The MaastrichtMBA is part of UMIO, the executive branch of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics: a leading European university for economics and international business. We have been accredited by the three leading international quality assurance bodies: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. This socalled Triple Crown accreditation – granted to only 1% of all business schools worldwide – confirms the high quality of research and education, and guarantees a world-wide recognised value of your diploma.

“Engaging with open-minded people from different industries, nationalities and cultures, makes for a learning environment that allows talents to truly flourish”

Maastricht: Meet Europe!

In case you hadn’t caught on yet: Maastricht is unlike any city in the Netherlands. It is quintessentially European, and extremely international. You can hear it, see it, taste it. Known as the birthplace of the Treaty on European Union, Maastricht welcomes people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. The city’s old defensive walls and the cobblestone streets are a testament to its ancient culture and history. It attracts countless visitors from all over the world, who come to see the sights, sample the many different cuisines on offer, or do business with its many international corporations and institutions. Add to that the voices of thousands of international students, and it becomes very hard to resist the pull of this amazing place.

Want to Know More?

Simply get in touch for individual advice. You can check the website – – obviously, but you can also request a coffee & cookie meeting with the director of the programme right here in Maastricht, or via Skype if you wish. Just call us via +31 43 388 4939 and mention you heard about us in this magazine. Alternatively, come to Maastricht to meet our current MBA students during the class experience session on 28 May and experience yourself what it really means to belong to the MaastrichtMBA family.

“As a military spouse, flexibility was a priority when looking for an MBA programme. The MaastrichtMBA is ideal, with its modular format – as my husband travels often for long periods of time and I then become a single parent, very far away from family and friends. The modular setup allows me to pick the right timing to enroll in the next course. The MaastrichtMBA also meets my other priority when selecting an MBA programme, as it provides face-to-face opportunities to learn from a diverse group of experienced international professionals.” Robin Richarson, living in the Netherlands, originally from Canada. 

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