Free Teaser Sessions: Join our UMIO Insights Event on July 2

Right before the summer break, we invite you for a refreshing event! Take your pick from three cool and inspiring sessions.


  • Reception: 13.30–13.55
  • Kick-off: 13.55–14.25
  • Breakout Round one (3 sessions): 14.30–15.30
  • Icebreaker: 15.30–15.55
  • Breakout Round two (3 sessions): 16.00-17:00
  • Wrap-up and drinks: 17:00-18:00

Every Breakout Round contains 3 sessions from which you can choose.

Breakout sessions will be provided by Frank Rozemeijer, Thomas Post + Pieter Verhallen and Martin Lammers.

Click here for more info and registration form.