Edward Huizenga – Passion for Perfection

Recently, Edward Huizenga joined UMIO as Professor Chair of Strategy, Innovation & Change. It’s UMIO’s first Business Practice Chair and puts an emphasis on the human side of business by taking a closer look at strategic transitions, leadership impact, innovation success and behavioural economics.

Edward is at home at the intersection of academia and the corporate world. He describes himself as energetic, eager and competitive. So it comes as no surprise that professionally he is fascinated by iconic organisations that stay ahead in being the recognised leaders in the industry.

In his management books he investigates industry-leading companies to find out what makes a company iconic and an enduring top performer and why. How does a company succeed in pushing the envelope of its success in a consistent way? Significant markers in this respect turned out to be “strategic discipline” and “innovation perfection”.

Edward started his studies in Maastricht in 1988. After some diverse career stints in business and strategy consulting in Europe he became Associate Professor of Marketing Strategy at UvA | Amsterdam Business School. He is a partner with Benthurst & Co, a strategy consulting firm in Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich.

Edward is happy to be back with Maastricht University (UMIO). He enjoys launching his students on their highest possible learning curve, which is well suited to Maastricht University’s teaching pedagogy: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Impact, relevance and sharing his passion for the research themes are also high on his agenda, which makes UMIO the perfect place to contribute in this respect.

On a personal level, he finds it amusing to be back in the same building where he worked on his PhD thesis and where he kept his Peugeot road-racing bicycle in the basement. Edward took up cycling when he started studying in Maastricht, inspired by the beautiful countryside and challenged by the steep hills in neighbouring Belgium because – surprise, surprise – he is also very competitive in cycling! From his best ascent time on the Mont Ventoux (1 hr 40) to the wattage of Tom Dumoulin… he has the numbers available in a split second.

On the business side of things: in the near future Edward plans to develop and publish cases on exceptional examples of innovation and entrepreneurship that serve as inspiring teaching materials. And last but not least, he’s looking forward to contributing to UMIO’s valorisation agenda by developing additional business from his area of expertise.