UMIO congratulates new MaastrichtMBA graduates

Three times a year the MaastrichtMBA students visit their homebase Maastricht University for an eventful course week of exchange and co-creation. It is always an intense and vibrant experience. Once a year the week is extra special, because it concludes with the graduation ceremony of the students who have successfully completed the two-year programme.

Graduation time!

Last Friday saw the graduation of ten students, all dressed for the part with the academic regalia. Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Franziska Gassmann (UNU-Merit) spoke about Social Protection Systems and Development and offered a different perspective on how social protection can contribute to balanced development and stability in poorer countries. A fitting end to the MaastrichtMBA journey, that is in large part about broadening one’s horizon and embracing different perspectives to make a lasting impact.

Student of the year 2018

After the honouring of Student of the Year 2018 Charbel Haddad, who to his own surprise had scored best overall marks for 2018, the event concluded with a reception in Ad Fundum and a sparkling party at Thiessen Wijnkoopers.

Welcoming the new students

The MaastrichtMBA Week kicked-off on Monday with the welcoming of no less than 14 new students from nine countries. They already knew each other from the introduction programme, and on Monday, they familiarized themselves with the current students. The afternoon saw even more new faces as prospective students joined the group for the MaastrichtMBA Class Experience. The welcome was extended in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, during Monday evenings’ opening dinner. Elzette van Zyl from Stellenbosch University inspired the students with her love for Cape Town and South Africa, where the MaastrichtMBA will travel to in November. Our Dean Peter Møllgaard joined in and was not a little pleased to be initially mistaken for one of the students: “it’s been quite a while since that happened to me!”