Cultivating rebels with UM alumni in Düsseldorf

On Thursday night November 15th, the reception room of conference centre “Haus der Universität” in the city of Düsseldorf gradually filled with around 60 professionals of diverse backgrounds for the evening’s Alumni Lecture. The event was organised by UM’s Alumni Office and the Alumni Circle Düsseldorf, while UMIO contributed guest speaker Prof. Dr. Alexander Brüggen. Some of the visitors clearly knew each other from previous occasions, others were busy making new connections. What all attendees had in common was their “Alma Mater”: Maastricht University (UM) as the place they graduated from. Some a bit longer ago, others more recently. Fond memories of Maastricht united them and dominated the pleasant conversations during reception. The conversations soon turned to the night’s expert session, hosted by Prof. Dr. Alexander Brüggen: “Cultivating rebels”. What does it mean? What to expect? What can I get out of it for my organisation and myself?

Boosting creativity in control-based environments

After the warm welcoming words from Bouwien Janssen (Director Development and Alumni Relations at Maastricht University), and Gordon Miesen (Manager Business Development & Client Relations at UMIO), things moved on to the main event of the evening: Prof. Dr. Alexander Brüggen’s expert session “Cultivating rebels”. Brüggen is Full Professor of Management Accounting at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and Director Executive Masters at UMIO. A large share of his research interests lies in performance evaluation and incentive schemes, hence the subject of tonight’s address.

Cultivating rebels

The title “Cultivating rebels” is a thought-provoking way to indicate the complexity of stimulating entrepreneurial behaviour within the boundaries of organisational control. How can you incentivise employees to become more creative and thereby boost entrepreneurial behaviour within the firm, a phenomenon called “intrapreneurship”? The research Brüggen shared with the audience, clearly underlines an intricate balance between the control mechanism needed for daily operations and the skills and creativity required for (disruptive) innovations that safeguard long-term prosperity. Judging from the lively reception and many inquiries by the audience, the topic of intrapreneurship is very much alive among professionals from varying backgrounds and in different industries.

Lifelong learning

Events like this highlight the value Maastricht University attaches to the bond with its alumni. UMIO actively works together with the university’s alumni office in this, to support UM graduates – also as experienced professionals – on their path of lifelong learning. Learning, after all, is not only about preparing for professional life; it is also about getting ahead, staying relevant and expanding perspectives after graduation. For this purpose, UMIO offers a full-fledged portfolio of services for individuals and organisations, helping graduates manage the complexities of professional life as it happens. For example: UMIO offers several programmes that deal with the above topic from different perspectives:

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