Seven years of cooperation between UMIO and NEVI

There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents and now we are entering the 7th year of successful cooperation between NEVI, a global procurement-training organisation, and UMIO.

Meeting professional challenges in procurement

Procurement professionals in managerial and executive positions are confronted with increasing responsibilities. How can they align the various interests within the organisation to ensure that they create added value for the entire organisation? What is the best way to engage suppliers in the process? And what will be the impact on the company?

Frank Rozemeijer

Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, holds the NEVI Chair Purchasing & Supply Chain Management and the UMIO Chair in Services Innovation at Maastricht University. Next to his research and teaching activities in Maastricht, Frank acts as a consultant for (inter)national companies. This placed him in an excellent position to develop together with NEVI the international Procurement Leadership Programme (PLP) in 2013. Frank is responsible for the curriculum of the programme and shaped the international character of PLP. He has ensured that the English-language programme is aligned with the MaastrichtMBA curriculum of UMIO| Maastricht University to guarantee the desired level of quality of the programme. His experience as a consultant enabled him to paint an integrated picture of the different disciplines within the PLP curriculum and translate that into required competences for procurement leaders in an international context.

The benefits of the programme extend far beyond developing skills, learning theories, and acquiring academic insights. It gives insight into leadership qualities and enables procurement leaders to bring change in their organisation.

“The programme contributes to significant progress in your personal development” Marjon Veenendaal, alumnus of the PLP programme

‘In my view, buyers should be aligned with the business, just like sales people, only in reverse; aligning the organisation with the market. You have to know exactly what the internal customer objectives are, and you need to be aware of the developments within the company as well as in the supply market. It is important to be aligned in order to be able to purchase products and services for maximum benefit.’

‘You learn so much from so many different disciplines, but more importantly, it contributes to your personal development in a fabulous way. Once i had completed the programme, my career accelerated. Integrated thinking was one of the most important lessons I have learned from the PLP. By taking the end customer’s request as a basis, you can utilize opportunities to a maximum. For me, it is a great challenge to be able to do this on a daily basis.’

“Being a more effective leader brings me peace of mind” Huib Spit, Procurement Director at Ahrend, alumnus of the PLP

‘The programme has really helped to increase my impact on the organisation. What PLP offers, with its focus on both theory and practice, with individual, targeted coaching was exactly what I wanted. Particularly the experience-driven learning approach, instead of someone spelling out instructions, was of great help to Huib in his career. ‘I have noticed that people are far more inclined to accept my suggestions, even though they are sometimes perceived as deviating from the standard of practice. People have faith in my ideas, because they see their positive results. This has increased my impact on the organisation, and that brings me great peace of mind.’

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