New publication by Tim Hilken, Dominik Mahr and colleagues about Social AR

Tim Hilken (SBE), Dominik Mahr (SBE/UMIO) and colleagues published a paper titled ‘Seeing eye to eye: social augmented reality and shared decision making in the marketplace’ in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

In the paper, they study ‘Social Augmented Reality (AR)’ – a new marketing technology that firms can use to offer customers a more social online shopping experience. With social AR, customers can for example share a common view of a living space and jointly enhance this space with virtual 3D product holograms (e.g., different wall colours or furniture pieces).

They show that when optimally configured with the right sharing and communication formats, social AR empowers customers in exchanging product recommendations. As a result, customers become more comfortable with giving advice to others, and more likely to use the advice of others in their purchase decisions.

Read the full paper.