In April and May, UMIO organised a live series of five webinars that addressed some of the most urgent and important questions for individuals or organisations dealing with the direct consequences of the current corona pandemic. With great success. Therefore, a follow-up series of our initiative ‘Moving Forward Together‘ will kick off on May 28.

The first series of five webinars covered topics such as leadership, communication and digital collaboration. In these past weeks, we saw hundreds of people across sectors and industries, from small and large companies, and from the local and global stage signing up and attending our webinars. In addition to the fact that we want to keep helping individuals and organisations, this success has contributed to the initiative to start a follow-up series.

Shining a light on the next phase

The follow-up series consists of six webinars in which we want to shine a light on the next phase of the pandemic. A phase in which professionals and organisations are concerned with the prospects of resuming their business and/or reinventing their business models over the next few months, given the restrictions imposed. Among other topics, we will touch upon the use of new or complementary technology, the introduction of sustainable business models and supply chains in a circular economy, and the role of privacy and cybersecurity.

The webinars will be offered by UMIO in partnership with various units and entities within Maastricht University. Using the academic expertise from experts on a diverse range of topics, we offer participants a birds-eye view of what can be done to put themselves and their organisations in the best possible position to navigate the current crisis and make some important next steps within a society and economy trying to get up to speed again.

More information and registration

Go to our webinar page for more information about the new webinars and for registration options.