When it comes to impactful innovation, many of our clients are figuring out how they can:

  • Create a strategy for growth in an ever-changing market?

  • Activate an innovation mindset to create sustainable growth?

  • Balance performing today while transforming tomorrow?

  • Invent better solutions and accelerate them to market faster?

The solutions to these complex questions start with the spark that lights your fire to find the catalyst of change. Now that you are aware that tomorrow can be better than today, what will you do about it? UMIO/Innovate is about harnessing the power of co-creation so that we can innovate positive change. We are all here for the same reason, to inspire and create positive change.

Areas of Practice

Co-creating bespoke design and innovation visions, strategies and roadmaps for your business and brand.

Discover unmet needs that change business perspective.

Advocating co-creative and iterative problem solving. By using Design Thinking we help solve ‘complex problems’. In the lead-up to the sprint or trajectory, we crystallize the scope so it is specific, applicable and measurable.

We are proud to offer a range of in-company and cross-company training programmes, always with experts, and Maastricht University as a world-class academic institute of excellence alongside us.

With tailored individual and team coaching on topics from personal leader of design to team management upskilling.

We co-develop and teach MBA’s and Executive MBA programme modules for world-leading Business Schools such as Stellenbosch University, Turku University, IESEG, and Nanjing University and others. Teaching innovation modules that are dynamic, relevant and action-based.

We curate and facilitate different types of connections. From small working groups tackling a common challenge, to conferences and events that explore bigger topics.


IBM/SPIN is driven by one desire:
 Financial Wellbeing for its people.

By ‘its people’ we mean everyone who believes in the value of being their best version of themselves.


Our Partners

Impact Cases

We’ve successfully completed over 100 projects in 12 sectors. These are a few recent case studies where we assisted our impact entrepreneurs to rise as they embraced their journey that impacts the world.

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