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Mariëlle Heijltjes


Mariëlle Heijltjes

Professor of Managerial Behaviour & Dean of SBE

Mariëlle G. Heijltjes is full professor of Managerial Behaviour and Dean of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

Marielle’s professional interest and expertise revolve around questions that relate to the functioning of (top) managers and (top) management teams: what drives their behaviour, when is it effective, when is it responsible and sustainable and what explains the dynamics in (top) management teams?

Her research was published in journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Small Group Research and the Journal of International Business Studies.

In addition to an academic interest in managerial behaviour, she enjoys working on these themes together with companies and consultants and has over the years gained extensive experience in doing so. In her role of Dean of SBE she gets ample opportunities to implement her own ideas and findings.

The interaction between science and practice is an important source of inspiration for her in the development of new education and research programmes and a continuous source of reflection on the effectiveness of her own leadership style.

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