Supporting the province’s development

Provincie Limburg 2

Limburg is in full development and the Province of Limburg has an important connecting role in facilitating this progress. This places a great responsibility on the leaders of the Province of Limburg. Whether the province can successfully shape its role in this development largely depends on how these leaders facilitate each other and their employees […]

Becoming future-proof through ‘servitisation’


The Puratos Group is an international company with its headquarters based in Belgium. Puratos is a full-fledges portfolio of innovative products and solutions for the bakery and chocolate industry. Their products and services are being sold across 100 countries and are often being produced in local stores. Puratos partnered with UMIO to navigate their challenges […]

Initiating a forward-looking civil service

Provincie Limburg

Being the Netherlands’ one-but-youngest province and a truly European region, Limburg has a distinctive profile. The socio-economical developments that took place in the past decades ignited a process of change and innovation. Together with the Province of Limburg, UMIO created a customised learning journey that combined the topics of digitisation, technology, sustainability, labour market, education, […]

Staying ahead through management


In the last 20 years, Valid has grown into an experienced cloud solutions and outsourcing service provider offering complete solutions from solid IT infrastructures to advanced and reliable tailor-made and data-driven applications. Together with Valid, UMIO designed a customised trajectory that combined management and leadership development with tools that enable growth of their innovation capacity.

Making a difference with School Leaders

Stichting Kindante

Stichting Kindante provides primary education in the municipalities of Beek, Beekdaelen, Echt-Susteren, Sittard-Geleen and Stein (Province of Limburg, Netherlands). Collectively, the Kindante schools have almost 9,000 pupils. Kindante’s headquarters are based in Sittard. The transformation that primary education has gone through in the past decade creates complex challenges. With this leadership trajectory, we give an […]

Improving the patient experience

Improving the patient experience

MUMC+ is the academic hospital in Maastricht. Their focus is on patient-centric care. UMIO/Service Science Factory have worked together with the Care Innovation Lab of the hospital for many years now. One successful project is described below. Challenge: Improving their patient’s experience before, during and after treatment. Approach: The project team interviewed patients, visualised the patient […]

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