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Piet van den Bossche


Piet van den Bossche

Professor Learning in Organisations

Piet Van den Bossche is Associate professor at Maastricht University (School of Business & Economics) and Professor ‘Learning in Organisations’ at the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Social Sciences). His research activities are centred around issues of learning and cognition in teams and collaborative environments, both in educational and organisational contexts.

Currently, he teaches courses in the areas of collective and workplace learning and is involved in the M.Sc. Programme “Learning & Development in Organisations” and in the M.Sc. Programme “Training and Education Sciences”. Also, he is elected member of the executive committee of the European Association of Research on Learning & Instruction (EARLI). He was founding Chief editor of the book series ‘Advances in Business Education and Training’ and Associate editor of ‘Educational Research Review’. Next to his research and education, he consults higher education institutions and organisations, both nationally and internationally.

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