European Management Residency

European Management Residency


European Management Residency  Programme Coordinator
Ingrid Voncken
Director Executive Education
+31 6 14248773

UMIO’s European Management Residency offers universities and business schools the possibility to spice up their programmes by integrating a tailor-made, high-quality, international experience in their masters, postmasters and executive MBA programmes. The European Management Residency is fully tailored to your programme’s needs and learning goals and the students enrolled in their programmes. To design the Residency, UMIO builds on its widespread educational experiences and corporate networks from its MBA programmes, executive masters, and management courses to ensure an optimal connection between academia and business.

A unique international experience

The European Management Residency is an inspiring and immersive experience in the international city of Maastricht. However, we can also bring our EMR to a (foreign) location of your choice – we love meeting you where you are! A typical version of the European Management Residency spreads over 1 to 2 weeks. It encompasses an exciting mix of interactive academic and guest lectures, discussion forums, lab experiences, company visits, personal and/or action learning group assignments, and social events projects. The group size of visiting delegations ranges from 15 to 30 students, and the entire programme is in English.

Residency modules

We design a European Management Residency by using LEGO-like building blocks. Based on the desired learning objectives, we jointly create an exciting mix of activities. Combinations are endless; hence, every residency becomes a unique learning journey.


We have developed a specific set of themes and related interactive sessions that fit the context of the European Management Residency. A residency can be based on any theme of your choice or blend various thematic sessions to create one unique, multifaceted programme.

  • European Union: Economics & Governance
  • Digital Strategy & Management
  • Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility
  • Learning & Development in Organisations
  • Discovery Expedition

Examples of sessions we have integrated in the Digital Strategy & Management week:

  • Understanding the digital eco-system
  • Data Science: Introduction data science, predictive modelling, data visualisation, clustering models, big data analytics – structured and unstructured
  • Digital Organisations: Introduction digitalisation, the hybrid workplace: human-AI interaction, corporate digital responsibility, implementing digital strategy
  • Digital Markets: Digital economy, smart services, digital business models, digital transformation of organisations, digital society, data-driven pricing
  • Enabling Digital Technologies: Augmented and virtual reality marketing, value creation with service robots
  • Smart service development and prototyping

Transforming our economic system and businesses in such a way that we no longer compromise human and ecological systems while achieving equitable economic outcomes for all remains one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Climate change, biodiversity loss, resource degradation, human rights, poverty, inequality and the ‘voice of the intended beneficiaries’ are just some of the world’s many wicked problems.

Examples of sessions we have integrated in Residencies on Sustainability:

  • Sustainability and Ethical Foundations: Ethics and responsibility, sustainable development goals & business opportunities, ethics, values and CSR beyond the West
  • Business perspective on Sustainability: Social entrepreneurship and impact, redefining stakeholder engagement, transform sustainability from qualifier to differentiator creating unique customer value, sustainability governance, circular economy and business models.
  • Sustainability application and tools

How is Europe governed? What does the economic and political environment of Europe look like? What is the role of the European Union and its institutions? And how do recent developments such as Brexit influence EU integration practices? A Residency on European economics and governance takes you to the very core of European policy and decision-making and urges you to reflect on its implications for international trade.

Example sessions we have integrated in Residencies on the European Union:

  • The European economy
  • The European debt crisis
  • European Union Governance
  • European labour markets

How can organisations find an optimal balance between harvesting individual talents, managing the learning climate within organisations, and making optimal use of training opportunities? The residency on Corporate Learning & Development will examine how a learning and development perspective can facilitate organisations to achieve better outcomes.

  • Learning in organisations: So what?
  • Great performers, great talents?
  • Learning in teams and networks
  • Assessment tools for learning

UMIO’s Discovery Expedition offers universities and business schools a tailored weeklong immersion into a dynamic blend of insights from industry champions and academic leaders. The program, available in Maastricht or on campus, explores strategic innovation management with a focus on sustainability and digital advancements, fostering curiosity and practical applicability. It unlocks business innovation by providing mindset, processes, and tools essential for future-proofing businesses.

Through peer interactions and sprint methodology, participants develop strategic exploration mindset and leadership skills, applying academic insights immediately. With flexible location options and group sizes ranging from 20 to 30, UMIO ensures personalized solutions for diverse needs and preferences.

While each European Management Residency is completely personalised and tailored to your needs and wishes, we are happy to offer our partners a general impression of the possibilities regarding themes, sessions, visits and projects available.


European Management Residency Programme Coordinator
Ingrid Voncken
Director Executive Education
+31 6 14248773

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