In-company Service Design Thinking

In-company Service Design Thinking


In-company Service Design Thinking  Programme Coordinator
Sabine Janssen
Head of Service Science Factory
+31 6 28 29 02 74

Service Design Thinking is a powerful mindset, and offers you a process and a toolkit to innovate and grow your business. UMIO can help you grow your organisation’s innovation capacity by introducing you to Service Design Thinking.

Service Design Thinking is an approach used to design new propositions, products or new services by “looking through the eyes of end-users”. Creating a profound impact by designing human-centered innovative solutions, is at the core of Service Design Thinking. Industry leaders such as Apple, McKinsey, and Mayo Clinic, place this approach at the center of their business activities and set themselves apart from competition. Service Design Thinking offers a multitude of tools to look through the eyes of the end-user and helps you to design new user-centric services catered to each customer’s need.

During the training you will, together with your colleagues, work on your own business challenge, apply the learnings and create immediate impact with the new solutions you designed to futurize your business.

Engage in a joint learning and development trajectory with UMIO that enables you to reach the goals of your organisation. Every organisation is unique, therefore our in-company trainings are customised for ever organisation. Typically, this training would span three days within a month. The training can be held in both English or Dutch.

Day 1:

  • Innovation self-scan: Insights into the innovative capacity of your organisation and prioritising areas to improve.
  • Hands-on, interactive introduction in Design Thinking, the methodoly, the mindset, and the tools.
  • Capturing customer insights in a Customer Journey.


Day 2:

  • Introduction to techniques and approaches to stimulate Creative Thinking.
  • Ideating concepts based on your customer insights.
  • Fast prototyping of your concepts.


Day 3:

  • Validating your innovation.
  • Engaging others: Storytelling. Key to implementation is to create engagement of relevant stakeholders.
  • Implementation: Developing a concrete roadmap to successfully implement your innovation, using the lean start-up methodology

This training is intended for individuals and organisations who feel the urgency to innovate but are stuck in their day-to-day work, and organisations seeking to grow their innovation capacity.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Better understand your customers
  • Stimulate creative thinking within yourself and your organisation
  • Innovate based on the right customer insights (usercentric innovations)
  • Rapidly test and validate new ideas
  • Implement new ideas in a lean fashion


In-company Service Design Thinking Programme Coordinator
Sabine Janssen
Head of Service Science Factory
+31 6 28 29 02 74

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