Speculative futures

Speculative futures


Speculative futures  Programme Coordinator
Sabine Janssen
Head of Service Science Factory
+31 6 28 29 02 74

As our society is expanding, more interconnected and therefore more complex there are all sorts of aspects that can influence our personal and organisational situation in both a positive as well as a negative way.

Nowadays it becomes more important but also more complex to look into the future as we become more aware that predictions cannot provide 100% certainty, as we are dealing with statistical probabilities. Furthermore, we are not (fully) restricted to our faith but have as individuals and organisations the possibility to act and create our own future. The track ‘Speculative Futures’ combines a broad range of disciplines in order to provide you and your team the mindset, process and tools to take ownership of your future destiny with innovative and strategic thinking and doing.

  • Start date: on request
  • Format: 7 online sessions. Self-paced online learning and 1 coaching session
  • Investment: € 3.395,- per person
  • Certificate by UMIO | Maastricht University

Learning objectives

In this one week online training, you will learn all about the mindset, processes and tools of ‘speculative design’ and ‘Imagineering’ and how you can use them to embrace the future. In short, this training empowers you to:

  • Identify (future) relevant trends and occurences
    In order to develop scenarios you need to be sensitive to how different types of trends and occurrences can influence (eco-)systems. You will learn how to look at the world from a system-perspective and develop a sensitivity towards the fourth dimension of time.
  • Materialise future scenarios
    A scenario is a living moment in time a certain period from now. It should come alive in order for its audience to fully emerge in it and therefore both rationally as well as emotionally understand it. Scenario writing and storytelling are two important competences that will be further trained.
  • Develop interventions for future scenarios
    Design Thinking will be introduced as a practical methodology to develop interventions for these future scenarios. The goal is to overcome future challenges and make us of future opportunities.
  • Strategically plan for future scenarios
    Speculative futures are aimed to stress test (eco-)systems and see how you or your organisation can deal with possible future system states. These insights are of strategic value.

Module 1: Introduction & speculative analytics

  • The what and why of speculative design.
  • The human perspective
    of time and space.
  • (Eco-)System analytics
  • Developmental analytics (trends & occurrences)

Module 2: Speculative imagineering & design

  • Scenario mappingand writing
  • Visualisation of scenarios
  • Storytelling of scenarios
  • Work on a speculative design case

Module 3: Speculative strategizing

  • Application of Strategic Speculative Design
  • Reflection & Evaluation

This track is designed to help you move forward with your organisational case, challenge or ambition. In a personal intake before the track starts, your challenge will be framed together with one of our experts, the focus will be defined. In the track you will then apply all learnings to your case and get personal coaching. Immediate impact and acceleration of the next level of your team, unit or organization is guaranteed. Therefore we suggest to subscribe with at least two persons from one organization.

The track consists of 3 elements:

Element 1| 3 hours per week: Self-paced online learning

In our online learning platform you get access to the course material. Here you will have access to several videos, specifically recorded for the module. These videos you will need to watch before the start of each training topic. In addition you will get access to reading material specifically selected for the module and you will get assignments to perform before the start of the online sessions.

Element 2 | 2 x 1,5 hours per week: Online session

You will log in into our weekly online training sessions via zoom where you will meet up with the innovation trainer and the other participants. Our online sessions will focus on applying theory to practice in your team. You will be actively coached by the innovation trainer and will learn from the experience of other participants in the course.

In each online session also time will be reserved for Questions & Answers and reflection on the week

Element 3 | 1 hour per week: personal coaching

Each participant is entitled to one hour of 1 on 1 coaching per week.

This track is designed for experienced managers who are (on their way to become) innovation leaders instead of followers of innovation. You typically have at least 5 years of experience in a management role. Our open courses are exempted from VAT. It is possibile to host the leading through crisis track in-company exclusively for your team. Contact us for possibilities.


Speculative futures Programme Coordinator
Sabine Janssen
Head of Service Science Factory
+31 6 28 29 02 74

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