M-BEES & M-BEPS Symposia – 7-8 June

M-BEES & M-BEPS Symposia – 7-8 June

On 7-8 June, Maastricht University’s Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics will host the 13th Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium (M-BEES) and the 6th Maastricht Behavioral Economic Policy Symposium (M-BEPS).

M-BEES will center around the question if and how economic experiments can inform economic theory and vice versa. M-BEPS will focus on Behavioral Economic Policy and will bring together researchers in behavioral and experimental economics as well as policy makers and practitioners interested in how behavioral insights can inform policies in government and business.

Keynote speakers during these symposia include Gerhard Fehr (CEO & Executive Behavioral Designer, FehrAdvice & Partners AG), Daniel Friedman (University of California Santa Cruz), Nagore Iriberri (University of the Basque Country), Camelia Kuhnen (UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School) and Imran Rasul (University College London).

M-BEES/M-BEPS are firmly linked to the topics and members of the SBE-SDDG spearhead “UM Behavioral Insights Center”. The center is a community of scholars from SBE and beyond who employ and develop insights into behavioral regularities to enhance the effectiveness of public policy and company practice, addressing a broad range of societal challenges in Sustainable Development, Digitalization and Globalization. M-BEPS will also act as the official launch of the UM Behavioral Insights Center.

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