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It is safe to say that your membership with UMIO Prime is incomplete unless you start using our free mobile application.

Get inspiration from our premium content collection, find industry peers to accelerate your learning, efficiently manage your network events, and chat away with experts and business contacts through instant messaging.

As a member you can start immediately after signing up to UMIO Prime. Just install the app on your phone and you’re ready to go!

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The challenges in modern society often cannot be solved by a single person. With the UMIO Prime app, you get access to an ever-growing network of individual professionals, organisations, entrepreneurs, researchers, and many other stakeholders who embrace the concept of lifelong learning to navigate today’s complexities.

The app enables connection and interaction, so we invite all members on the platform to address their challenges, reach out to peers and experts in related fields of expertise, and find solutions that would otherwise have stayed beyond reach.

Your event buddy

UMIO Prime is not just a digital platform. We facilitate a continuous interplay between online content and live events. For this reason, we made sure the mobile app is a genuine buddy when it comes to attending face-to-face activities.

Easily sign up to events, get insights on attendees, stay connected with everyone you meet, and have all your related documents in one place.

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