Circular Economy Masterclass

Circular Economy Masterclass

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November 2024
Language: English
Location: Maastricht
Duration: 3 days
Fee: €1,995
PE-Points: 18
Available In-Company


Circular Economy Masterclass  Programme Coordinator
Ingrid Voncken
Director Executive Education
+31 6 14248773

In this Circular Economy masterclass, you will learn all about the shift to a circular economy, focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling materials. Discover why circularity is essential for preserving our planet and creating a sustainable future. Learn how to measure and improve your organisation’s impact and how your own leadership plays a crucial role.

In addition, discover how collaboration with others in the chain and with external partners contributes to achieving circular goals. Circularity requires cooperation between government, businesses/organisations in the supply chain and educational institutions.

During the masterclass, you have the opportunity to work on your own challenges and/or the challenges of your organisations. After this masterclass, you are ready to contribute towards a circular economy.

After attending this masterclass, you:

  • will understand the principles and fundamental concepts of the circular economy and circular business, such as reducing, reusing and recycling materials.
  • will know more about circular sustainability strategies and business models and have experienced how to identify opportunities in the circular field.
  • can argue why circularity is essential for the preservation of our planet and creating a sustainable future, and you will have experienced what organisations encounter in their circular ambitions and know how to address this.
  • will know more about measuring the environmental, economic and social impact of materials through the Life Cycle Assessment method.
  • have worked on your own leadership development and know what skills are needed to make the transition needed to shape the transition to circular entrepreneurship.
  • understand what it takes to collaborate with others (in the supply chain and stakeholders) and have experienced this during the teaching days and in your own practice.
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Besides acquiring new knowledge, you have the opportunity to work practically on your own challenges. You will experience what it takes to become circular, what behaviour is required, and how you can shape cooperation in becoming more circular. During the masterclass, you can work on your own and/or your organisation’s challenges on circularity.

This masterclass is suitable for all professionals, regardless of function or position, who want to contribute to strengthening the circular economy and broaden their perspective. This could be from an advisory, project leader, programme manager, or policy role at governmental institutions and/or healthcare settings. It could also be for professionals in commercial organisations who want to have an impact by contributing to a circular economy or any professional who aspires to go in a different direction in their career.

To participate in this masterclass, you need at least a college or university level of education and a minimum of 3 years of work experience.

The core lecturer of this masterclass is Nancy Bocken. Nancy is a Professor of Sustainable Business at Maastricht University and is affiliated with the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI). She has coordinated several European and national research projects, with a focus on business as a driver of sustainability transitions. Her research topics include sustainable business models, business experiments for sustainability, the circular economy, and bridging the gap between ‘idea’ and ‘action’ for sustainability using new tools, methods and approaches.

In addition to Nancy, other faculty members from MSI, the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM), and UMIO| Maastricht University are involved in this masterclass.

The masterclass consists of three consecutive course days in Maastricht, totalling 18 contact hours. To prepare for the masterclass, you are expected to read literature. For self-study, you should count on 12 hours. If you conclude the course by completing the final assignment (further development of your own case), you should allow for an additional time investment of approximately 15 hours.

The masterclass can be concluded with a final assignment. If you complete this final assignment with positive results and have attended at least 80 per cent of the sessions, you will receive a certificate from UMIO | Maastricht University. If you complete the course without a final assignment, you will receive a certificate of participation.

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Circular Economy Masterclass Programme Coordinator
Ingrid Voncken
Director Executive Education
+31 6 14248773

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Circular Economy Masterclass

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