Discovery Expedition

Discovery Expedition

UMIO’s Discovery Expedition offers universities and business schools a weeklong immersion into a dynamic blend of insights and expertise drawn from both industry champions and academic leaders. The Discovery Expedition will be fully tailored to your needs and goals and can be offered in Maastricht or on campus at your home base. From delving into […]

In-company Service Design Thinking

Masterclass Design Thinking

Service Design Thinking is a powerful mindset, and offers you a process and a toolkit to innovate and grow your business. UMIO can help you grow your organisation’s innovation capacity by introducing you to Service Design Thinking. Service Design Thinking is an approach used to design new propositions, products or new services by “looking through […]

Public Health and Care Research Leadership Programme

Public health and care research leadership programme

The public health and care research leadership programme is designed to support future leaders in the field of public health and care research to become excellent leaders with a mission. You do not only learn a higher level of leadership skills, but learn how to apply them in your specific field of research. Being a […]



Welcome to DAS-CAM: EHRA Level 3 – Leadership and Innovation in Cardiac Arrhythmia Management. About the programme The Leadership and Innovation in Cardiac Arrhythmia Management programme (DAS-CAM) is aimed at arrhythmia specialists aiming to take a key leadership role in the field.  Participants will be equipped with skills in leadership, management, and innovation, culminating in a […]

European Management Residency

European Management Residency UMIO

UMIO’s European Management Residency offers universities and business schools the possibility to spice up their programmes by integrating a tailor-made, high-quality, international experience in their masters, postmasters and executive MBA programmes. The European Management Residency is fully tailored to your programme’s needs and learning goals and the students enrolled in their programmes. To design the […]

Customised programmes

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s more important than ever for organisations to keep up with new trends and developments, and to navigate the many complexities around them. Whether your organisation is struggling to catch up or is looking for ways to stay ahead, UMIO can help you make the next step forward. The “IMPACT” model […]

Customised programmes for supervisory boards

Based on a need for further professionalisation, Supervisory Boards often want to jointly develop and educate themselves on topics relevant to them. In cooperation with Supervision Limburg, Maastricht University | UMIO develops customised programmes that meet these requirements.

Service Science Factory

Services are becoming more and more important. Our economy is becoming increasingly service-oriented, leaving many organisations struggling to adapt. Research has shown that profit margins are higher for companies with a strong focus on service delivery. With UMIO’s Service Science Factory (SSF), we help you identify business challenges and potential innovations, and make them tangible. […]

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