Business Control Programme

Business Control Programme

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Language: Dutch
Next start: February 2024
Will also start In:
May 2024
September 2024
Location: Maastricht + online
Duration: 1 Year
Fee: €4,995

Upcoming event:

Info Session
8 December 2023


Business Control Programme  Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

Do you want to become a better sparring partner of your CFO or CEO? With the Business Control Programme, you will bring and keep organisations, projects and processes in control!

What is the Business Control Programme?

The Business Control programme is aimed at financials and other professionals aspiring to the role of business partner. This part-time 12-month programme focuses on deepening and expanding current financial-economic knowledge that is essential for (future) controllers, financial managers, consultants, interim financials and CFOs who aspire to the role of business partner.

At the heart of the programme is the balance between getting the basics right, stimulating innovation and responding in time to (strategic) changes and the associated risks. The Business Control programme focuses on both the hard side and the behavioural side. The combination of professional skill, business understanding and personal impact characterises the successful business partner!

What can you do with the Business Control Programme?

After the Business Control programme, you will be able to place opportunities and control issues in a broader context, analyse them and come up with appropriate advice aimed at continuity and value creation.

Using a large number of cases from the profit, non-profit and government sectors, practical situations are discussed so that the subject matter really lives and therefore becomes more ingrained. The various participants all contribute their own knowledge and skills. The diversity of backgrounds means participants learn a lot from each other and each other’s organisations.

Upon completion, you will receive a diploma from UMIO | Maastricht University.


Business Control Programme Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

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