Change Management Masterclass

Change Management Masterclass

Quick facts

Language: Dutch
Next start: March 2024
Will also start In:
October 2024
Location: Maastricht
Duration: 3 Days
Fee: €1,995
PE-Points: 18
Available In-Company


Change Management Masterclass  Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

Is your organisation constantly changing? In the Masterclass Change Management, you will learn what it takes to approach and lead change processes in your organisation with confidence.

What is the Change Management Masterclass?

In this masterclass, we delve into some crucial aspects of change management, aimed at overcoming organisational challenges and promoting managerial and change capacity. You will also gain a better understanding of your own role and how you can be the driver of change.

What can you do with the Change Management Masterclass?

Upon completion of this change management masterclass:

  • You will understand the concept of organisations as open sociotechnical systems and why this perspective is essential for effective change.
  • You will be able to develop a clear compass that allows you to easily explain what you want to achieve with the change process and how to use this to make informed organisational choices.
  • Do you know the key focal points for developing a shared vision that will drive change in your organisation.
  • Do you know different perspectives on change and understand their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Do you have insight into how organising impacts on employee engagement, managerial capability and change capacity in your organisation and with which organisational design strategy you can increase these
  • You will be able to better understand how organisational behaviour and culture arise, what sustaining forces exist in your organisation and you will be able to come to a more effective change programme.
  • You will be able to identify and develop the critical change conditions in your organisation.
  • You have insight and practical tools to better programme, direct and realise a change process.
  • You have insight into how to increase leadership in your organisation with MT-building and a leadership-strengthening programme.

After completing the programme, you will receive a certificate from UMIO | Maastricht University.


Change Management Masterclass Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

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