Connecting Leadership Programme

Connecting Leadership Programme

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Language: Dutch
Next start: December 2023
Will also start In:
January 2024
February 2024
March 2024
April 2024
May 2024
Location: Online
Duration: 6 months
Fee: €2,950
PE-Points: 42
Available In-Company


Connecting Leadership Programme  Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

Do the changes you’ve envisioned stagnate or do they not have the impact you hoped for? If you have the courage to be the key to change yourself, then the Connecting Leadership Programme is your solution!

What is the Connecting Leadership Programme?

Connecting Leadership is a leadership style in which you give clear direction on the one hand and create space for others to contribute with their expertise and experience on the other. You navigate between steering and letting go, between setting boundaries and giving space. Breaking through existing patterns yourself is crucial.

During the Connecting Leadership programme, we guide you in exploring and breaking through patterns in your own practice. We don’t stop at theoretical insights, but let these be the start of a journey that you will make to change your daily routine for good! The teacher and coach during the programme is Frans Wilms. Frans is an expert on leadership and change.

Have you already followed this programme and are you ready for even more depth? Then take a look at the Post-programme Connecting Leadership.

What can you do with the Connecting Leadership Programme?

The Connecting Leadership programme helps you transform ‘thinking differently’ into ‘doing differently’. Using scientific expertise and insights, you will immediately break through your own patterns. After all, the programme focuses on your own practice, allowing you to immediately apply the knowledge gained in your work.

In this way, you teach yourself a different form of personal leadership in a short period of time, which is needed in increasing complementarity. Instead of fighting, pulling and pushing, you will deal with situations in a relaxed way and put those around you in maximum position. You make a difference in your daily interactions. You will create added value in all your encounters and increasingly be the leader you want to be.

Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate from UMIO | Maastricht University.


Connecting Leadership Programme Programme Coordinator
Marion Hameleers
+31 6 483 56 281 / 43 388 44 88

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